Is French Broad River polluted?

Is the French Broad safe to swim in?

The French Broad Riverkeeper, housed at the MountainTrue, monitors the French Broad River Watershed for E. coli, a bacteria found in the waste (feces) of most warm-blooded animals, including humans. … Overall, E. coli levels in the French Broad River are low, and the river is typically safe for swimming.

Can you eat fish out of the French Broad river?

The French Broad is very popular with fishermen. And folks eat fish from the river all the time. … There are no specific advisories for the French Broad River, but health officials warn folks not to consume too much fish (bass, pickerel, catfish, perch and crappie) high in mercury.

Are there alligators in the French Broad river?

A reptile that boaters reported seeing in recent weeks is a juvenile American alligator more than three feet long. …

Why is the French Broad River so dirty?

ASHEVILLE — Testing conducted by local conservation organization MountainTrue has found that cattle and faulty or inadequate sewer, septic or water treatment infrastructure are the major sources of E. coli pollution in the French Broad River, the organization said Thursday. … coli in the river.

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Are there poisonous snakes in the French Broad River?

Two varieties of poisonous snakes are found along the French Broad River, the copperhead and the timber rattlesnake. … Keep in mind, both the copperhead and timber rattler do not usually bite unless provoked or threatened.

Does Asheville NC have alligators?

There aren’t any in the lakes, particularly as far inland as Charlotte and Asheville. Have no fear!

Is there gold in the French Broad River?

Placer gold is reported in Cane Creek and the French Broad River. The South Mountain Belt is one of the most productive gold mining areas of North Carolina. The gold bearing region contains about 300 square miles of land, and panning for gold can be successful in practically all of the streams of this area.

Are there alligators in Broad River Columbia SC?

Most of the gators are spotted downstream from the I-77 bridge on the Congaree, but they are sometimes spotted in the Broad River, near Riverfront Park + the Columbia Canal (You don’t see them in the Saluda, probably because of that cold water).