Is French Connection good quality?

Is French Connection a quality brand?

Another positive is that consumers tend to view French Connection as producing good quality products. Its Quality score currently stands at +16, which does compare well to its high-street rivals. Indeed it is 14th in our list of fashion brands on this rating.

Is French Connection a designer brand?

French Connection is a design led British brand, creating distinctive products across womenswear, menswear, accessories and home for the modern lifestyle.

Is French Connection an expensive brand?

French Connection has always been considered quite expensive, so the product has to be just right. When it goes off from time to time, it’s seen as too expensive. … Its product has been variable, and its pricing architecture hasn’t always been joined up.

Does French Connection come up small?

This polo runs quite large, specially made for huge people. You should pick one size less from the one you normally get. The design, color, and fabric are OK.

Why is the French Connection good?

It featured a great early Gene Hackman performance that won an Academy Award, and it also won Oscars for best picture, direction, screenplay and editing. The movie is all surface, movement, violence and suspense.

Who owns French Connection UK?

Who bought French Connection?

Struggling fashion chain French Connection sold to consortium of investors in £29m deal after years of losses. French Connection has been sold to a consortium including its second-largest shareholder in a deal valuing the fashion chain at £29million.

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Who is French connections target market?

The French Connection brand operates in the fashion-orientated market place offering a fashion-forward range of quality products at affordable prices. Our customers, typically aged 18-35, appreciate that the brand is at the leading edge of high street fashion and offers quality and style in its products.