Is Robillard a French name?

What nationality is the name French?

French is a locational name for someone who originated from France. Variants of the name include Frenche and Frenchman. This name is of Anglo-Norman descent spreading to Ireland, Scotland and Wales in early times and is found in many mediaeval manuscripts in these countries.

Is Lefevre a French name?

French (Lefèvre): occupational name for an ironworker or smith, Old French fevre. One of the most common names in France from an early date, this was taken to Britain and Ireland by the Normans, by the French to Canada, and by the Huguenots (with the variant form Lefebre) to colonial America and elsewhere.

Is Leblanc a French name?

French: variant of Blanc 1 (‘white’, ‘blond’, ‘pale’), with the definite article le.

Is French an English name?

French is an anglicised version of Defreine, which has a Norman origin. French is or was the surname of the following individuals (alphabetized by first name): Adrienne French (born 1987), fine art photographer.

Why is there AB in Lefebvre?

Lefebvre Name Meaning

French: variant of Lefèvre. The -b- occurs in this form of the name by reason of hypercorrection influenced by the Latin word faber ‘craftsman’.

What does lafave mean in French?

As the vocabulary word fèvre ‘smith’ was replaced by forgeron, the meaning of the old word became opaque, and the name was reinterpreted by French Canadian immigrants as Lafève, from fève ‘(fava) bean’ (see Bean). … Lafève would be heard as Lafave by English ears.

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