Is the French word mousse masculine or feminine?

What does the French word mousse mean?

noun. foam [noun] a mass of small bubbles on the surface of liquids etc.

What do you understand by the term mousse au chocolat?

Mousse au Chocolat is a classic French dessert made with dark chocolate, egg, sugar and cream or butter. Mousse au chocolat means Chocolate mousse. … A mousse is a stable prepared food that incorporates air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture.

What does Pample mean in French?

Translations. pamplemousse Noun. pamplemousse, le ~ (m) grapefruit, the ~ Noun.

Why is mousse called mousse?

Mousse is a dessert that’s made of cream and eggs that have been whipped until they’re light and creamy. … Because its texture is similar to these foods, the foamy hair product is also called mousse. In Old French, mousse means “froth,” but also, unappetizingly, “scum.”

What is the plural of mousse?

Word forms: plural mousses.

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