Is the South of France hotter than the North?

Is Southern France warmer than northern France?

Northern France tends to have weather quite similar to England and Belgium. … On the other hand, summers in Southern France can be scorching hot and the temperatures tend to be consistently higher than northern france for the rest of the year too.

Why is Southern France warm?

During summer, the upland areas of central southern France are generally warm and sunny, but dramatic skies can brew up on sultry summer afternoons, often developing into short but spectacular thunder storms. … This is because moist oceanic air is pulled through southwest France from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

Is the south of France hot all year round?

The south of France enjoys a Mediterranean climate coming up from the southern coast. So it’s mild winters and hot summers most of the way, but beware the famous Mistral wind blowing down from the north through the Rhône valley, and the summer storms heralding high levels of rainfall.

Is south of France hotter than Spain?

So plenty to see and do in both areas. The south of Spain is further south and hotter therefore, than the south of France.

Is the South of France warm in December?

South France Weather in December: Winter arrives this month, and while it’s a lot milder than many European destinations, it’s still likely to be quite cool with daytime temperatures ranging around 10°C to 14°C.

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Where is the hottest place in Europe?

Valletta in Malta, an island nation off the south coast of Italy, tops the list of ten hot cities in Europe. Farther east, temperatures in Athens, Greece are almost as high.

Hottest Cities in Europe.

High °F 72.1
High °C 22.3
City Valletta, Malta
Low °F 58.8
Low °C 14.9

Is the South of France cold?

Summers are warm, with some thunderstorms, and winters are cold. Temperatures can drop below 0 degrees Celsius and, in the mountains, are frequently accompanied by snow. In the South, the climate is Mediterranean. Summers are hot and winters mild and dry.