Is timetable masculine or feminine in French?

What is time table called in French?

timetable → horaire, emploi du temps.

Is the word clock masculine or feminine in French?

If a noun begins with a vowel or a mute ‘h’, use the indefinite article. A clock is not horloge, but une horloge. It’s much easier to remember a gender if you learn it from the beginning, along with the word itself.

Is Hérisson masculine or feminine?

The French translation for “the hedgehog” is le hérisson. The French, le hérisson, can be broken down into 2 parts:”the (masculine)” (le) and “hedgehog” (hérisson).

What is school timetable in French?

French Translation. emploi du temps scolaire.

What is the French days of the week?

Lesson Summary

English French
Monday lundi (pronounced: lun-dee)
Tuesday mardi (pronounced like: Mardi Gras)
Wednesday mercredi (pronounced: mer-cra-dee)
Thursday jeudi (pronounced: ju-dee)

What is feminine of clock?

noun [ countable ] /klɒk/ a device for telling time. horloge [ feminine ] , pendule [ feminine ]

What is gender of clock?

Answer:masculine gender. arrenhasyd and 3 more users found this answer helpful. Thanks 1.

What is neuter gender with example?

Neuter gender:

It is used to denote nonliving and lifeless things. Neuter means neither, which is neither male nor female. For example, table, hair, city, etc.

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What is a herisson?

noun. hedgehog [noun] a small brown prickly-backed animal.

What does Herrison mean?

The ancient Anglo-Saxon surname Herrison came from the personal name Henry. … The surname Herrison is derived from a diminutive form of the name, Harry. The name means “the son of Henry.

What does herisson mean?

Noun. herisson (plural herissons) A beam or bar armed with iron spikes, and turning on a pivot, used to block up a passage. (heraldry) A hedgehog.