Question: Do butterflies live in France?

Where do common butterflies live?

Because they are cold-blooded creatures and typically need warm weather to survive, you are more likely to find them living in warm and tropical climates. You will certainly see many butterflies in areas that stay warm for all or most of the year, like California or Mexico.

What is a French butterfly?

In French, butterflies are papillons de jour, day butterflies, and moths are simply papillons de nuit, night butterflies.

How many butterflies are in the UK?

The UK has 59 species of butterflies – 57 resident species of butterflies and two regular migrants – the Painted Lady and Clouded Yellow.

Are there any black butterflies in UK?

The black hairstreak is a rare butterfly that is restricted to woodlands and hedgerows containing blackthorn – the foodplant of the caterpillar. It is both elusive and hard to tell apart from other hairstreaks.

Where does butterfly live on trees?

Butterflies and moths are generally found within the open, sunny glades and rides of woods but some prefer the tree canopy.

Do butterflies live in the rainforest?

Butterflies and moths can be found all over the world. However, the world’s greatest diversity of butterflies and moths can be found in tropical rainforests. … Butterfly and moth species live at specific heights in the rainforest.

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