Question: Do French like English cheese?

Is cheese more important in France or in Britain?

Thankfully, however, there has been since the 1990’s resurgence in the production of quality artisan cheese, with it now being said by some that the UK produces a greater range of cheeses than the French! The quality in the UK is staggering and it gets better every week.

Are there more English cheeses than French?

Britain now produces more varieties of cheese than France. A record 5,000 cheeses were entered into this year’s International Cheese Awards, now in its 119th year.

Why French are obsessed with cheese?

Regular, early exposure to a wide variety of flavours, textures – not to mention some very funky smells – turns each generation of French children into adult connoisseurs. This is why French people love cheese so much.

Do French eat cheese every day?

The typical Frenchman (or woman) will eat a whopping 25.9 kilos of cheese each year. That’s enough to make the French the hungriest for cheese in the world, according to a 2013 report by International Dairy Federation. … And of the 96 percent of French people who eat cheese, 47 percent of them do it on a daily basis.

Why does France have good cheese?

It is thought that the Romans introduced the first cheeses into France. It was the French monasteries that began to perfect the delicious tradition of French cheese. These monks were meticulous in creating these cheeses and their experimentation is where we came up with the numerous varieties that we have today.

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Why do French people eat cheese after meals?

When to Eat Cheese

An apéro is a casual social gathering where drinks and snacks are served. Cheese is eaten in moderation in France. It’s quality as opposed to quantity. Eating a little high quality cheese after your main meal will allow you to feel more satisfied, resulting in eating less cheese.

Is Brie a French cheese?

Brie is a soft ripened, bloomy white rinded, creamy cow’s milk cheese whose recipe dates back to the 8th century. The famous French Cheese is named for the French province of Brie.