Question: Is bread FEM or MASC in French?

Is the French word for bread?

The French word for bread is

E.g. le pain.

What is the plural of bread in French?

bread noun (plural: breads)

Mon père est allé à la boulangerie acheter du pain.

How do you know if it is masculine or feminine in French?

The ending of a French noun often changes depending on whether it refers to a male or a female. Generally, words ending in -e are feminine and words ending in a consonant are masculine, though there are many exceptions to this rule. … Days of the week, months and seasons of the year are masculine.

Is Pizza FEM or MASC in French?

Yes. Every noun has a grammatical gender. And “pizza” is feminine.

What is bread called in France?


Alternative names French stick
Type Bread
Course Appetizer or Main
Place of origin France
Created by Unknown

Are croissants UN or UNE?

Duolingo says that croissant is preceeded by un and pizza with une. Is this just the app being picky or is there an actual reason? I’ve tried looking it up but the only instances I’ve seen where a specific article SHOULD be used is with feminine vs masculine nouns.

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Is robe masculine or feminine in French?

7 – French Nouns Ending Be, Té, Ade, are Feminine

Be, as in une robe (a dress), une aube (dusk)… Many exceptions including un cube, un microbe, un verbe…

Is television masculine or feminine?

The Spanish noun televisión (pronounced: teh-leh-bee-SYOHN) is feminine.