Question: Is Les Miserables a French word?

What is Les Miserables in French?

English Translation. wretched. More meanings for les misérables.

What does Les Miserables mean?

The literal meaning of les miserables is “the miserable ones.” The characters are french and the book is centered around their lives. The time period is the early 1800’s. The main character is known as Jean Valjean.

Is there a French version of Les Miserables?

Les Misérables: (complète) (French Edition) Paperback – September 19, 2019.

Who wrote Les Misérables?

How old was Fantine when she had Cosette?

Young Cosette Female, 7-12. FANTINE’s daughter at the age of six who has been living with the Thenardier’s since the age of two. Valjean adopts her after Fantine gives Cosette to him on her deathbed.

What is Victor Hugo Les Miserables?

Les Misérables centres on the character Jean Valjean, an ex-convict in 19th-century France. The story spans many years as it tells of Valjean’s release from prison and reformation as an industrialist while being constantly pursued by the morally strict inspector Javert.

Who is telling the story Les Miserables?

Third-Person Omniscient

Myriel, no one could vouch for it” (1.1. 1.8). As the novel carries on, though, Hugo starts diving in and out of character’s minds like a dolphin playing in the ocean.

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How French words are pronounced?


Vowel Pronunciation Tips French Example
e When placed in the middle of a syllable, sounds like ai in “fair” mer (sea)
e When placed at the end of a syllable, sounds like -e- in “her” le (the)
e silent at the end of a word tasse (cup)
é like “ay” été (summer)