Question: What is a mobility lease in Paris?

What is mobility lease only?

What a mobility lease is. A mobility lease is a type of agreement that can only be used with certain groups of tenants. You can only rent out a furnished property as a mobility lease to tenants who can provide proof that they are: Pursuing professional training.

What is a bail mobility?

The Bail Mobilité (meaning “mobility lease”) is a new French furnished rental contract, created under Emmanuel Macron’s government as part of the ELAN law. It is aimed primarily at students and professionals travelling for work, and aims to meet your needs as a tenant looking for an apartment for just a few months.

Can you break a lease in France?

Ending the Tenancy

If you wish to terminate the tenancy then you can do so at any time, and for any reason, provided you give the minimum notice. The notice period is three months for an unfurnished letting, and one month for a furnished letting.

What is the purpose of a lease rider?

A LEASE RIDER is an addition to the lease indicating a specific condition of that lease that varies from the printed terms of the lease document. For example, some leases may end at a date other than June 30, or a construction project may be taking place during the lease term.

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What is a mobility lease in France?

Created by the Elan law, the mobility lease is a short-team lease agreement for a furnished property. It gives more the landlord flexibility and eases access to housing, particularly for students or people who move around for work. The landlord cannot demand any security deposit from the tenant.

How do I know where to live in Paris?

The most popular website for apartment listings is, but properties listed there are often rented as soon as they go live. Other good sites to watch include, and Word of mouth is often the best way to find a place that fits your requirements.

What happens if you don’t pay rent in France?

It states that if the tenant does not pay the arrears of rent within one month (or two months) the landlord can ask for the cancellation of the lease in court. … You risk being fined by the court and ordered to allow the tenant to stay (even if the rent is not paid).

What are tenants rights in France?

Right to access the property to collect rent, with consent of the tenant; Right to have the tenant carry routine repairs; Right to have the tenant carry structural work after having sought for his (landlord’s) consent; Other parts of the tenancy agreement.

How long does it take to evict a tenant in France?

Appeal. If an appeal does take place, and the judge decides possession should be granted to the landlord then the tenant has two months to vacate, or seek a delay from another judge, called the Juge de l’Exécution. This judge can grant a delay on eviction of up to one year.

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