Question: What is the meaning of the French word mousse?

Is the word mousse French?


Where does the word mousse come from?

From French mousse (“foam, froth”), from Old French mosse (“moss”), from Frankish or Old Dutch mosa (“moss”), from Proto-Germanic *musą (“moss, bog, marsh”).

What does pica mean in French?

1. Furthermore the French form of pica is pie. The word piebald, which is often used in relation to Waardenburg’s syndrome, is compounded from pie, a magpie, and bald, from the Welsh word meaning a white streak on the forehead.

What’s the plural of mousse?

Word forms: plural mousses.

How do you spell Moose the dessert?


  1. 1 : a light spongy food usually containing cream or gelatin.
  2. 2 : a molded chilled dessert made with sweetened and flavored whipped cream or egg whites and gelatin chocolate mousse.
  3. 3 : a foamy preparation used in styling hair.

What is a Meese?

Plural of moose, by analogy with goose → geese.

What is another name for mousse?

What is another word for mousse?

dessert foam
froth pudding
lather suds
effervescence bubbles
head fizz
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