Question: Which are the main trade centers of French in India?

Which are the main trade Centres of French in India?

Pondicherry, Maslipatnam, Calicut, Maha, Karaikal and Chandranagar were the trade centres of the French.

Which were the major trade Centres of French East India Company in India?

The French East India Company was established by the Colbert, a minister of Louis XIV in 1664. In1668 and in 1669 they set up their factories in Surat and Masulipatnam respectively. They realized the importance of trading with India, so they also established their headquarters in Pondicherry.

How did the French their trading centers in India?

The French settlement in India began in 1673 with the purchase of land at Chandernagore from the Mughal Governor of Bengal. The next year they acquired Pondicherry from the Sultan of Bijapur. Both became the centres of maritime commercial activities of the French in India.

Was the main center of the French in India?

Pondicherry and French Commercial Growth: In 1674 AD, the French obtained a village called Pondicherry from the Sultan of Bijapur and founded a thriving city on it which later became the main stronghold of the French in India.

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Which place was the main Centre of the French?

As for the exact “centre” of France, it is generally accepted as being close to the little town of Saint Amand Montrond, south of Bourges. The northern half of the Centre region benefits, economically, from its proximity to Paris, and by excellent transport links to the capital.

Was the main Centre of French operations?

Pondicherry was the main centre of the French operations.

Which were the trading Centre of Dutch in India?

The Dutch East India Company was created in 1602 as “United East India Company” and its first permanent trading post was in Indonesia. In India, they established the first factory in Masulipattanam in 1605, followed by Pulicat in 1610, Surat in 1616, Bimilipatam in 1641 and Chinsura in 1653.

Who gave Pondicherry to French?

François Martin (1634–31 December 1706) was the first Governor General of Pondicherry. In 1673, Sher Khan Lodi, the governor of Valokondapuranam under the sultan of Bijapur granted Francois martin, director of the Masulipatnam, a site for a settlement. He founded Pondicherry, the future capital of French India in 1674.

Who came first India for trade?

The correct answer is Portuguese. Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama was the first European to reach India via the Atlantic Ocean at Calicut in India. Portuguese were followed by the Dutch when they tried to enter the Indian market in the middle of the 16th century.