Quick Answer: Are motorhome Aires Open in France?

Are the French Aires Open?

Motorway ‘aires’ (service areas) in France are open but… … If you have a no-contact payment card or phone which works in France, it is common now to use it for small purchases.

Can I drive my motorhome through France?

France drives on the right, like much of Europe. You DON’T need a left-hand drive vehicle although it might help if you’re travelling on your own. … The maximum speed for private vehicles under 3.5t is 130kph (81mph) on motorways but speed limits are lower for cars towing caravans and for motorhomes over 3.5t in weight.

Are French Aires Open all year?

Aires make suitable night stops all year round and, unlike campsites, few close for the winter. Municipally provided Aires normally look like any other municipal parking area and you are free to come and go as you please.

Are Aires in France Safe?

If you trawl the internet you will of course find stories of people being robbed. You will also find people telling you they’ve been staying in them for 30 years never had a problem. We’ve stayed in 3 Aires and have been perfectly safe.

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Where can I park my motorhome in France?

In France, the parking rules for campervans and other motor vehicles are the same as for cars, except when police have set restrictions. According to French traffic law, you may park your campervan or motorhome at the side of a road. When stepping out of your vehicle, always watch out for traffic.

Can you sleep in aires in France?

Can you stay overnight in an ‘aire de service’ on a French motorway? Yes, often it is allowed. They often have specific motorhome parking areas and there will be an allowed time you are allowed to stay for. … Just remember, it’s a motorway service station, so it’s not the nicest of places to stop.

What do I need to travel to France in a motorhome?

Rules for Driving in France with a Motorhome

  1. A valid full driving license (Valid UK license is fine)
  2. The original registration document of the car (check this with the motorhome owner)
  3. A motor insurance certificate.
  4. Passport(s)

Are municipal campsites in France open?

Yes, campsites in green departments of France – which is all of the country except for Ile-de-France, Mayotte, and French Guiana – can open on June 2. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced last night that holiday accommodation including campsites, hotels, B&Bs and gîtes, can open from June 2 in green departments.

Can you sleep anywhere in a campervan in France?

For a motorhome or campervan in France, le camping sauvage (wild camping) means parking and sleeping in your motorhome anywhere that’s not a campsite or designated camping ground. … Motorhome wild camping is permitted in France with the permission of the landowner or tenant and subject to certain limitations.

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Do you pay for aires in France?

Different types of aires

Some aire de services are free but there’s often a small charge of a few euros. Euro relais is a common type of machine where you drop in coins or use a bank card (these are becoming more common now) and get a certain amount of fresh water and/or electricity in exchange.

What are motorhome Aires called in Spain?

As with many other European countries, the Spanish have adopted the word aire – which is now recognised as a designated motorhome parking place in many countries. The correct name for a Spanish aire is area de servicios para autocaravanas which translates to ‘service area for motorhomes’.