Quick Answer: Can you live on French Island?

Do you pay rates on French Island?

French Island is not part of a local council; residents don’t pay rates – which normally act as a guide for valuations.

How many houses are on French islands?

French Island

All private dwellings 101
Average people per household 1.9
Median weekly household income $477
Median monthly mortgage repayments $493
Median weekly rent $150

Can you take your car on French Island?

French Island is not accessible by car, unless destined for a permanent residence. If you need longer to explore, set up a beachside base camp at the Fairhaven Campground, 5km from the jetty. Try to spot koalas, Purple Moorhen, Swamp Harriers or Cape Barren Geese.

Are there snakes on French Island?

Hazards to be aware of on French Island: Swimming is not recommended due to the soft muds and strong currents. Snakes are present and should be left alone. Mosquitoes are active and visitors should wear insect repellent at all times.

Can you camp at French Island?

Fairhaven campground is located in the dunes behind the beach approximately 5km walk from the ferry terminal at Tankerton and 7.5km from the General Store. Campsites are not marked, but sites can be booked for up to 4 people per site (6 sites in total). …

Are there kangaroos on French Island?

French Island, island within the bay of Western Port, southern Victoria, Australia, southeast of Melbourne, 84 square miles (218 square km) in area. … The island harbours many birds, koalas, and rat kangaroos (potoroos).

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