Quick Answer: How many Pakistani live in France?

How many Pakistani people are in France?

There are under 4000 French expatriates in Pakistan. French nationals are working in various branches of Alliance française in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad for promotion of French culture and language while also teaching French as a second language to the locals.

How many Pakistani live in Canada?

People-to-people links between Pakistan and Canada remain strong. There are over 215,000 Canadians of Pakistani origin living in Canada. In 2019, Pakistan was Canada’s fifth-largest source of permanent residents.

What percentage of Canada is Pakistani?

Pakistani Canadians

Total population
202,260 (0.57%)
Regions with significant populations
Ontario 149,000
Alberta 29,300

How many Muslims live in France?

According to the latest Special Eurobarometer 493(2019) the Muslim population in France is estimated to be 5% or 3.350. 000 million.

How many Pakistani live in Spain?

Population by country

Continent / country Article Overseas Pakistani population
Spain Pakistanis in Spain 91,632 (2019 official estimate)
Germany Pakistanis in Germany 73,975 (2018 official estimate)
Norway Pakistani Norwegians 46,300 (2019 official estimate)
Greece Pakistanis in Greece 34,177 (2011)

How many Pakistani are in Dubai?

Dubai alone accounts for a Pakistani population of 400,000.

How many Chinese are in Pakistan?

The Chinese people in Pakistan (Urdu: چینی‎) comprise one of the country’s significant expatriate communities. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has raised the expatriate population, which has grown from 20,000 in 2013 to 60,000 in 2018.

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Which states have most Pakistanis?

The states of New York, Texas, and California were home to the country’s largest numbers of Pakistani immigrants, with estimated populations of 60,000, 50,000, and 40,000 respectively.