Quick Answer: What does a pharmacist do in France?

How much money does a pharmacist make in France?

The average pay for a Pharmacist is €76,003 a year and €37 an hour in Paris, France. The average salary range for a Pharmacist is between €52,315 and €96,980. On average, a Doctorate Degree is the highest level of education for a Pharmacist.

Can a foreign pharmacist work in France?

If you have a degree in Pharmacy from a university outside the European Union or the European Free Trade Association, you want to work as a pharmacist in France. … Your PACES application file must be sent to one of the 24 Pharmacy Faculties in France.

Which European country is best for pharmacist?


While Swiss pharmacists may not be paid as much as their US counterparts, Switzerland is often named the country with the highest quality of life based on indexes such as health care, safety, traffic, and pollution.

How much money do doctors make in France?

The minimum gross salary for a full-time doctor under contract at a public hospital is 4,130 euros. Towards the end of their career, they can expect to earn a maximum gross salary of 4,852 euros per month. This does not include bonuses and allowances, as well as overtime pay as appropriate.

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How much does a pharmacist make in Europe?

Salary.com pegs the average annual salary at $137,424. The factors that influence pharmacist salaries the most are geographical location, type of employer and years of experience. The average annual salary for pharmacists in Switzerland is $175,024, according to Salary Explorer.

Where is the highest demand for pharmacists?

Among individual states, demand for pharmacists was highest in Louisiana (4.50), Oklahoma (4.17), and Mississippi (3.38), and lowest in Massachusetts (2.00), Rhode Island (2.00,) and New Jersey (1.80). See the Figure for a complete list of the March 2016 demand scores in each state.

Can a UK pharmacist work in France?

At the moment, UK passport holders can live, study or work anywhere within the European Economic Area (EEA) without a visa. Pharmacists who are planning to work outside the EEA may need a visa.

What is the salary of pharmacist?

Based on Glassdoor data, the average annual base pay for pharmacists is $76,977. This climbs up to an average of $90,286 per year for “clinical pharmacist” jobs advertised on Indeed.

What type of pharmacist makes the most money?

Satellite pharmacists and nuclear pharmacists saw significant increases in hourly wages, and nuclear pharmacists have surpassed clinical pharmacists as the highest-paid specialty. Pharmacists on the West Coast earn the most, making an average of $68.07 per hour, or $141,600 per year.

Is pharmacist a dying career?

Is pharmacy a dying profession? Pharmacy is not a dying profession. Even with the adoption of technology, there will always be a need for pharmacists to dispense drugs. The pharmacist job market is expected to grow between 4-6% between 2019 to 2021.

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