Quick Answer: What makes the French Riviera special?

Why is French Riviera so famous?

THere’s a reason why the French Riviera is known for its amazing climate. Mild winters and warm summers with plenty of sunshine and few days of rain is what defines the French Riviera, and this is also an important reason why so many tourists come here.

Why is it called the Riviera?

Riviera (pronounced [riˈvjɛːra]) is an Italian word which means “coastline”, ultimately derived from Latin rīpa, through Ligurian rivêa. It came to be applied as a proper name to the coast of Liguria, in the form Riviera ligure, then shortened in English.

Where is the blue coast?

The Blue Coast is the section of coastline running west from Marseille as far as Étang de Berre lake. The Blue Coast provides shelter for a number of little harbours between Marseille and the Golfe de Fos.

What is French Riviera style?

French Riviera style is a timeless, elegant yet casual look which started with affluent holidaymakers nearly a century ago travelling to southern France and Italy, who needed good-looking, pragmatic clothing for leisurely activities in the burning heat.

What’s considered the French Riviera?

The French Riviera is a stretch of coastline entirely within the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Despite there’s no official boundary, it is usually considered to extend from Toulon or Saint Tropez to Menton, and it includes the Principality of Monaco.

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What is the history of the French Riviera?

But what is the French Riviera? . It was Stéphen Liégeard who first coined the phrase ‘Côte d’Azur’ (French Riviera) in 1887. He defined it thus: ‘the strip of coast between Marseille and Italy’. The name comes from the practice of coming to the coast during the winter months, which began in 1750.