What amount of bread to the average French person consume per day?

How much bread did the average person eat in France?

According to the National Association of French Millers (ANMF), bread consumption is on the decline, with French people eating 120 grams of bread per day in 2015. To put this figure into perspective, the French still averaged about 600 grams, or two loaves, of bread every day at the start of the 20th century.

How many baguettes does a French person eat in a day?

According to the Observatoire du Pain (yes, France has a scientific ‘Bread Observatory’), the French consume 320 baguettes every second – that’s an average of half a baguette per person per day and 10 billion every year.

Why is bread such a common food in France?

Why is bread so important to French culture? French bakers created bread and pastries to partner celebrations as early as the Middle Ages. At this time, bread was the staple food in France, as it was across the world. The average Frenchman in the late 1700s is reported to eat three pounds of bread a day!

Do French people buy bread every day?

98% of the French population eat bread and for 83% this is every day. … French are very loyal to their favourite boulangerie (bakery) which may not necessarily be the closest, they may go a long way out of their way to buy what they consider the best bread.

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Is bread baked daily in France?

In France, we eat bread at every meal. It’s a tradition. We cannot go without good bread. BEARDSLEY: Dore says bakeries, or boulangeries, are now allowed to stay open seven days a week.

Why do the French love bread so much?

The aim was to ensure that baguette-hungry locals could always get their eager hands on a slender loaf of fresh bread. A long-term bread shortage was one of the factors that led to the famous 1789 French revolution.

How do you say I would like a baguette in French?


  1. Pronunciation: Ba-GETT.
  2. Sample Phrase: Je prend une baguette, s’il vous plaît. I’ll have a baguette please.
  3. Variations: normal or tradition. Bien-cuite or pas trop cuite.