What are some nice French podcasts?

Can I learn French by listening to podcasts?

Whether you want some quick grammar lessons or to catch up on the news in French, podcasts are a great way to practice on the go. For many people, podcasts have become a part of everyday life. For language learners, they provide a great opportunity to study even when your hands aren’t free.

What is French for podcast?

The word ‘podcast’ should be replaced by the French ‘audio à la demande‘ or ‘programme/émission à la demande’, or ‘service audio à la demande’.

How can I listen to French speaking?

5 Easy Ways to Rapidly Improve Your French Listening Comprehension

  1. Speak as often as possible—even if you make mistakes. In my experience, this is much easier said than done. …
  2. Watch movies with French subtitles. …
  3. Listen to French radio programs. …
  4. Take advantage of online listening resources. …
  5. Keep learning vocab and grammar.

Is the duolingo French podcast free?

The focus is on telling great stories, rather than teaching, so the podcast is meant to be entertaining for any bilingual listener. There are over 20M people actively learning French with Duolingo who can benefit from having this free learning resource. Who is the host of the podcast?

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Why is French Awesome?

Studies show that learning French improves standardized test scores, enhances critical thinking and problem solving skills, thus helping learners in other subjects like English, Math and Science. Since 2010, the numbers of those learning French as a foreign language is GOING UP! UP 6% on average around the world!

Is Babbel worth the money?

Overall, our experience with Babbel was extremely positive. Priced at $179 for a lifetime subscription, it’s definitely worth it. Babbel offers 14 languages and entertains learning along the way. This app is user-friendly, and we liked how easy it was to navigate.

What is the best radio station for learning French?

The best French Talk Radio stations

  • France Inter. If fast conversation and a mix of culture and news is what you’re looking for, France Inter is the French radio station for you. …
  • France Culture. …
  • RTL. …
  • Rire et Chansons. …
  • BFM Business. …
  • Europe 1. …
  • RMC. …
  • RFI international.

How can I learn French language?

Table of Contents

  1. Always Study French with Audio.
  2. Be in Touch with your Own Learning Style.
  3. Self Studying is NOT for Everybody.
  4. Beware of Free French learning tools.
  5. Translate French Into English as Little as Possible.
  6. Link French to Images and Visual Situations, not English words.
  7. Be Careful With French Cognates.

Is News in Slow French worth it?

News in Slow French is a really good resource, though I was much more impressed with what’s included in the intermediate level compared to the beginner and advanced levels. None of them are bad, but the intermediate level is fantastic.

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