What are the mealtimes in France and what is a typical food for each meal?

What are the 4 meals in France?

The main meals of France are:

  • Breakfast – le petit déjeuner.
  • Lunch – le déjeuner.
  • Dinner – diner.
  • Eating “en famille” Family meals.

What are the meals in French?

Talking about meals in French

  • Le petit déjeuner. Breakfast.
  • Le déjeuner. Lunch.
  • Le croissant. Croissant (Bread)
  • La brioche. Brioche (Bread)
  • Goûter. To taste.
  • Le pain au chocolat. Bread with chocolate.
  • Le dîner. Evening meal.
  • Le potage. Soup.

What is the main meal in France?

A main course, (le plat principal), typically a choice of meat or fish, with potatoes, rice, pasta and/or vegetables; a cheese course (often a selection of local cheeses) and/or a dessert. Desserts are sometimes not detailed on the menu, so you have to listen to the waiter.

What are the 3 most popular foods in France?

Top 5 foods in France

  • Cassoulet. One particular dish that gained popularity in southern France is Cassoulet. …
  • Oeufs en meurette. If you ever find yourself in Burgundy mid-morning then stop off for brunch and try this French version of poached eggs. …
  • Religieuse au chocolat. …
  • Baguette au fromage. …
  • Bouillabaisse.

What are the meal times in France?

Breakfast around 8:00 AM. Lunch at noon. Dinner at 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening. Children have an afternoon snack (sweet not savory) at around 4:00 PM.

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How are French meals served?

A meal often consists of three courses, hors d’œuvre or entrée (introductory course, sometimes soup), plat principal (main course), fromage (cheese course) or dessert, sometimes with a salad offered before the cheese or dessert.