What are the rules for towing a trailer in France?

Can I tow a trailer in France?

Towing in France

On a standard driving licence, motorists are allowed to tow a trailer with a maximum authorised mass of 750kg, including the trailer and its load. You’re not allowed to tow a motor vehicle except in the event of a breakdown or an accident and if the distance to be travelled is short.

What weight trailer can I tow in France?

*PTAC manufacturers certificated gross weight of trailer plus load or gross weight of vehicle including load, driver and any passengers *PTRA maximum manufacturers certificated train weight of the vehicle including load and passengers Example if the PTRA of your vehicle is 3000 Kg and the PTAC is 2010Kg you are …

What restrictions apply if you are towing a trailer?

Explanation: If you’re towing a caravan or trailer, you mustn’t use the right-hand lane of a motorway with three or more lanes except in certain specified circumstances, such as when lanes are closed.

Do I need trailer insurance in France?

Insurance: French-registered caravans usually need their own insurance. Speed limits: Motorway authorities advise not going over 90kph. This is obligatory if the PTAC of car and caravan is over 3,500kg (a limit of 80kph applies elsewhere apart from in built-up areas).

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What does the French road signs rappel mean?

You’ll often see the word ‘rappel’ underneath speed limit signs in France. It translates as ‘reminder‘ and its purpose is to remind you that speed restrictions are still in place, so you need to stick to the specified limit.

Can I tow a caravan in France?

In France, permitted speed limits vary depending on your towing weight. Those towing a combination weight over 3.5 tonnes can travel up to 80km/h on single carriageways and up to 90 km/h on dual carriageways and motorways.

Do you need a carte grise for a trailer?

Once the vehicle has arrived in France, you must register it and obtain a Carte Grise (Certificat d’Immatriculation). … In the case of a trailer/caravan, if its gross weight is under 500kg then it does not need to be registered and it only needs to display the number plate of the towing vehicle.

What does PTAC mean on a trailer?

The PTAC of a trailer is its maximum allowable weight which may not be exceeded. The charge utile indicates the maximum load you can put on the trailer without exceeding its PTAC.

What do I need in my car in France?

Here’s everything you need to carry with you when driving in France and a couple of things to leave at home:

  1. Full and valid driver’s licence.
  2. V5C.
  3. Proof of Insurance.
  4. Passport/national ID.
  5. Motor insurance green card.
  6. Reflective jackets for all passengers.
  7. Warning triangles.
  8. Two NF-approved breathalysers.

When can you use right-hand lane towing a trailer?

When can you use the right-hand lane? Explanation: If you’re towing a caravan or trailer, you mustn’t use the right-hand lane on a motorway with three or more lanes, except in certain circumstances, such as when there are lane closures.

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