What are two ways that Napoleon changed French society?

How did Napoleon change French society?

Fair taxes, increased trade, the development of French luxury industries, a new commercial code, an improved infrastructure, and a central bank to control monetary policy were keys to his success. … Education reforms: To create a middle-class cadre of leaders, Napoleon reorganized France’s education system.

What were two changes made by Napoleon?

He established civil code in 1804 also known as the Napoleonic Code. It did away with all privileges based on birth. It established equality before the law and secured the right to property. He simplified administrative divisions, the abolished feudal system, and freed peasants from serfdom and manorial dues.

What social changes did Napoleon make?

Napoleon strengthened the central government in France. To restore economic prosperity, Napoleon controlled prices, encourage new industry, and built roads and canals. He set up a system of public schools under strict government control to ensure well-trained officials and military officers.

How did Napoleon change over time?

As leader of Animal Farm, Napoleon becomes increasingly tyrannical, requiring the animals to work longer, more arduous hours while simultaneously receiving fewer rations of food. Napoleon also publicly executes political dissidents, develops a cult of personality, and proceeds to break every commandment.

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How did the French Revolution and Napoleon transform France’s government and society?

The French Revolution completely changed the social and political structure of France. It put an end to the French monarchy, feudalism, and took political power from the Catholic church. … Although the revolution ended with the rise of Napoleon, the ideas and reforms did not die.

How did Napoleon restore the social order?

Napoleon restored social order. Set up public schools and promoted officials on merit not nobility. … Napoleon restored religious order. Allowed freedom of religion and a new relationship between church and state.

What changes were brought by Napoleon reforms and code?

(i) The Civil Code of 1804, known as Napoleonic Code, did away with all the privileges based on birth. (ii) Administration became more efficient. (iii) Secured the Right to property. (iv) Simplified administrative divisions.

What kind of changes happened in Europe after the regime of Napoleon?

Defeating Napoleon

Soon after, Napoleon invaded the rest of Europe, chalking up military victory after military victory and expanding French control over all of Europe and even into North Africa. By 1811, the French Empire controlled or had loyal regimes throughout Europe up to the Russian border.