What compelled Louis XVI to raise taxes in France any three reasons?

What compelled Louis XIV to raise taxes in France Class 9?

What compelled Louis XVI to raise taxes in France? Answer: Wars and Economic Crisis : In 1774, when Louis XVI ascended the throne, he found and empty treasure. The nation had gone into deep dept because of the fighting in the Seven Years War (1756-1763) and the Revolutionary War in America under Louis XVI.

Why did Louis XVI want to raise taxes?

Louis 16 wanted to raise tax because France suffered financial crisis because of long years continuous war and Louis 16 also gave billions of livres to many American colonies and the moneylenders also raised interest by 10percent by which the Louis 16 raised in debt.

What compelled Louis XVI to raise?

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a) The royal treasury of France had become empty due to the long years of wars fought by the royal army. The wars had drained the financial resources of France. b) The cost of maintenance of the immense palace of Versailles had mecome very high.

What conditions compelled Louis XVI to raise taxes in France?


  • The maintaining of the royal place of Versailles.
  • king Louis xvi helped 13 American colonies in gaining their freedom from British.
  • The king wasted a lot of money on the past wars that led to a tremendous debt.
  • there was a huge interest on the money which was borrowed by the king.

What were the reasons to increase taxes in France?

So the French government was obliged to spend an increasing percentage of its budget on interest payments alone. v. To meet its regular expenses, such as the cost of maintaining an army, the court, running government offices or universities, the state was forced to increase taxes.

How was the taxation policy responsible for the French Revolution explain?

Members of the first and second estates were excluded from paying any king’s taxes. The Church, too, received tithes from the peasants, and eventually, all members of the third estate were required to pay state taxes. … So these are the taxation policies responsible for the French Revolution.

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