What did France do in the 30 years war?

What was the impact of the Thirty Years war on Germany and France?

Germany’s economy was also severely disrupted by the ravages of the Thirty Years’ War. The war exacerbated the economic decline that had begun in the second half of the sixteenth century as the European economy shifted westward to the Atlantic states–Spain, France, England, and the Low Countries.

Why did France support the Protestant princes of Germany?

Catholic French supported the protestant swedes against Catholic Hapsburgs of Germany. … It ensured that all German states were free to determine their own religion because they were independent states. France gave parts of West German, control of Franco/German border/Asasoloraine away.

What were three results of the Thirty Years War?

What were three results of the Thirty Years War quizlet? What were the results of the Thirty Years’ War? Germany became further divided, the wars of religion ended, the beginning of the rise of France as dominant European power, and the balance of power diplomacy in Europe.

Which was a result of the Thirty Years War?

As a result of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), Switzerland and the Netherlands became independent; Germany became fragmented and its population was greatly reduced; and France soon became a dominant power in western continental Europe. The war also saw Spain begin to decline as a colonial power.

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Where was the most destruction in the 30 years war?

Considered one of the most destructive wars in European history, estimates of total deaths caused by the conflict range from 4.5 to 8 million, while some areas of Germany experienced population declines of over 50%.

Thirty Years’ War.

Date 1618 to 1648
Location Europe, mainly present-day Germany
Result Peace of Westphalia

What effect did the Thirty Years War have on Europe?

A number of significant geographical changes occurred as a result of the war, Germany was shattered, the Swiss Confederation and the Netherlands were stated as independent nations, and most significantly, the Holy Roman Empire lost supremacy and started to decline from the formal acceptance of the Peace until modernism …

Why did France join the Thirty Years War quizlet?

why it is odd for France to help the protestant during thirty years war? France is catholic helping a Protestant country. What is one of France’s motives for entering the war? So they could not be over take by the Hapsburg, which surrounded France.