What did habitants do in New France?

What did children of habitants do?

They were responsible for tending to the vegetable garden and preparing meals. They took care of the animals and raised the children, kept the house, spun the wool and made the clothes. Even the children played an important role. From a young age, children had to help out with the daily chores.

What challenges did the habitants face in New France?

Life of the Habitants in New France. Weather: The summers were warm and the winters were very cold and blanketed with snow, which presented challenges, as people tried to stay warm. The winters also made it hard to grow food and many people died from scurvy and exposure to five months of cold.

What were the duties and circumstances of the habitants?

The habitants were a group of French settlers who emigrated to New France for better farming opportunities and a new life. The role of a habitant was to clear the land, build a home and grow crops (plant/harvest vegetables). They were resourceful and had to be self-reliant in many tasks (e.g. cooking, building, etc).

How did habitants make money?

The word rente referred not only to the annual fee the habitant paid the seigneur but also to the interest that a borrower owed a lender. Each year on a set date, the habitant had to pay the former landowner the rente (the interest) on the amount not paid during the initial transaction with the notary.

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What did the men do in New France?

Most men in New France were farmers. The men were in charge of getting food for their family. They had to hunt and farm food for their family. Taking care of their family was their number one priority.

What were the children’s role in New France?

The chores of the children in New France included alot of pysical labour since they did not have any technology to make thier chores easier. Many of these chores included helping thier parents with daily work like tending to the family farm and housekeeping.

What did the habitants do in the winter?

Strange as it may seem, the long winters provided the habitants with time to enjoy their neighbours’ company. They dressed in sturdy, comfortable clothes and had plenty of firewood to keep them warm. If a family wanted to visit someone, they travelled over the snow by sleigh to their neighbours’ houses.

What was the social structure in New France?

Coming from different regions of France, settlers were divided in three social classes: nobility, middle class, and commoners. In fact, almost all were commoners. When arriving in New France, settlers worked in seigneuries (large estates owned by the church or wealthy people).

How was the population of New France distributed?

Seigneuries were distributed very unequally. … At the end of the French regime, the colony’s 70,000 inhabitants were spread out over about 250 seigneuries of varying size and population. Some of the seigneuries were only a few hundred arpents and others several hundred thousand.

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