What did Paris do wrong?

Was Paris a bad guy?

Even Paris isn’t strictly considered a “bad” person, because he was given Helen as a gift from the gods. He is generally portrayed as weak and cowardly, however. In the “Age of Heroes” this is the worst you can be. That, or a moocher (see Penelope’s suitors).

What was the main problem in the Judgement of Paris?

Brief Summary. When Eris, goddess of strife, isn’t invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, the spiteful goddess tosses a golden apple into the crowd, with the words “to the fairest” written on it. This causes a big argument among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite over who is the most beautiful goddess.

Did Paris actually steal Helen?

Helen was already married to King Menelaus of Sparta (a fact Aphrodite neglected to mention), so Paris had to raid Menelaus’s house to steal Helen from him – according to some accounts, she fell in love with Paris and left willingly. … When Paris took her to Troy, Menelaus invoked this oath.

What happened to Paris in the Trojan War?

He is an important person in the Trojan War, and Homer’s Iliad. … This caused the Trojan War. During the war, Paris killed Achilles by shooting his heel with a poisoned arrow. Late in the war, Paris was killed by Philoctetes.

Who won the Judgement of Paris?

Official jury results:

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