What do French drink after dinner?

What do French people drink after dinner?

But the most popular after-dinner drinks are certainly the delightful French Eaux de Vie elaborated from fermented fruit (by distilling or soaking called “macération”), like the Mirabelle plum liqueur in Lorraine and the Pear liqueur in Ardèche – among many others.

What do French people drink in the evening?

In France, the traditional Apéritif is a real friendly ritual. French people like to sip some cocktail, fruit juice or alcohol drink, especially before dinner, when inviting relatives or friends. The very word of “Aperitif” actually designates both the drink and the convivial moment before a meal.

What do French like to drink?

If you don’t enjoy drinking wine, then, just drink water. French people love water as well, and will often have some fancy mineral water, sparkling (de l’eau pétillante) or still (de l’eau plate) ready for a dinner with guests. It’s not customary in France to drink a soda, milk or juices during dinner.

What do they drink in France non alcoholic?

Non-Alcoholic French Drinks

  • Diabolo Menthe. By Mayi from Secret Moona. …
  • Gini Lemon. By Emma from Emma’s Roadmap. …
  • Orangina – French Drinks. By Ucman from BrownBoyTravels. …
  • Perrier. By Dymphe from Dymabroad.

Is Negroni an after dinner drink?

Made from equal parts Campari, gin and sweet vermouth, then served with a slice of orange or orange peel over ice, the negroni is traditionally served as an aperitivo – a pre-dinner drink – its dryness perfect for stimulating the appetite. … But the negroni is not just reserved for a pre-spaghetti booze.

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What should I drink after a heavy meal?

Drink Water

Just sip on a cup of water (about 8 ounces) after a big meal. It can help your body get rid of excess salt you likely got from your meal. It can also keep you from getting constipated. Continue to drink water over the rest of the day to keep yourself hydrated.