What do people call the French Riviera?

Why is it called French Riviera?

But what is the French Riviera? . It was Stéphen Liégeard who first coined the phrase ‘Côte d’Azur’ (French Riviera) in 1887. He defined it thus: ‘the strip of coast between Marseille and Italy’. The name comes from the practice of coming to the coast during the winter months, which began in 1750.

How would you describe the French Riviera?

The French Riviera is the beautiful coastline in the south of France along the Mediterranean Sea. It covers about 550 miles and acquired the nickname Cote d’Azur or Azure (Blue) coast in 1887. The French Riviera is known for its beaches, views, picture perfect water, yachts and as a playground for the wealthy.

Is French Riviera the same as Monaco?

Monaco is located on the French Riviera between Nice and the Italian border. This small principality is in fact a single city with several districts. … Every year in May, the principality hosts the most famous race in Formula One – the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. One day is enough to visit the entire principality.

What is the South of France called?

Southern France, also known as the South of France or colloquially in French as le Midi, is a defined geographical area consisting of the regions of France that border the Atlantic Ocean south of the Marais Poitevin, Spain, the Mediterranean Sea and Italy.

Southern France.

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Southern France Le Midi (French)
Country France

What is the name of the sea to the west of France?

About France. France is a country located on the western edge of Europe, bordered by the Bay of Biscay (North Atlantic Ocean) in the west, by the English Channel in the northwest, by the North Sea in the north.

Why is French Riviera so famous?

THere’s a reason why the French Riviera is known for its amazing climate. Mild winters and warm summers with plenty of sunshine and few days of rain is what defines the French Riviera, and this is also an important reason why so many tourists come here.

Where is the blue coast?

The Blue Coast is the section of coastline running west from Marseille as far as Étang de Berre lake. The Blue Coast provides shelter for a number of little harbours between Marseille and the Golfe de Fos.

Is Monaco in Nice?

Why visit Monaco

The tourist prestige of the principality, built in time on the basis of its wealth of inner attractions, is complemented by the fact Monaco is located 18 kilometers east of Nice, the capital of the Riviera.