What do you like to do in French formal?

What do you like doing in French formal?

Translation of “What do you like doing” in French

So what do you like doing? Bon, qu’est ce que t’aime faire ? Well, what do you like doing? Bon, et qu’est-ce que t’aimes faire toi?

How do you what do you want in French?

The French translation for “What do you want?” is Que voulez-vous ?. The French, Que voulez-vous ?, can be broken down into 3 parts:”what; which” (que), “want; are wanting (2nd person plural)” (voulez) and “you (singular polite form and plural)” (vous).

What do you desire in French?

Tell me, what do you desire? Parlez, que désirez-vous ? Then what do you desire?

What is your profession in French formal?

The French translation for “What is your job? (formal)” is Quelle est votre profession ?. The French, Quelle est votre profession ?, can be broken down into 4 parts:”which; what (feminine singular)” (quelle), “is (3rd person singular)” (est), “your (formal singular)” (votre) and “profession” (profession).

Is Je vais bien formal?

The response is almost the same as with “Comment allez-vous?” You say “Je vais bien, et toi?” (“I am doing well, and you?”). If you’re doing so-so, you can respond “Comme ci comme ça” (“So-so”) in both informal and formal situations.

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Do you in French formal?

In this lesson, we’ll learn the basic guidelines for using ‘vous,’ the formal form of ‘you’ in French.

Common Phrases.

Phrase Tu Form Vous Form
What are you doing? Que fais-tu? (pronunciation: kuh fay too) Que faites-vous? (pronunciation: kuh feht voo)

What do u like to eat in French?

What would you like to eat? Qu’est-ce que tu veux manger ?

How can I help you in French?

comment puis-je vous aider?

How do you say hi what are you doing in French?

Hi, what are you doing? Salut, tu fais quoi ?

What do u have in French?

Qu’as-tu à perdre ? Abbs, what do you have? Abbs, qu’est-ce que tu as ? Ugo, what do you have?