What does AP mean in French?

What does AP mean French?

= Assistance publique. Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers.

What is on AP French exam?

The AP French Language and Culture Exam will test your ability to apply communication and language skills developed in the course and ask you to demonstrate your understanding of French-speaking cultures.

What level is AP French?

Course Overview

AP French Language and Culture is equivalent to an intermediate level college course in French.

What is taught in AP French?

In the AP French Language course, students increase their command of French through speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises. They study vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects of the language, then apply what they’ve learned in extensive written and spoken exercises.

What to know for AP French?

Tips by AP® French Language Teachers

  • Write neatly. …
  • Do full practice exams. …
  • Re-energizing during the exam. …
  • Must use sources! …
  • Be a consistent studier. …
  • Master the present, including the subjunctive, the past and the future tenses! …
  • Challenge yourself daily to do more than you could yesterday.

How long is the AP French essay?

Write an argumentative essay based on three given sources (a text, a graphic, and audio). You will have 55 minutes total for this section.

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Is AP French worth it?

AP French is a great course to take for you if you have an interest in French language, culture, or linguistics, but for some, its difficulty may make you reconsider putting it on their schedules.

Is AP French B2?

AP score of 5 or DELF (B2):

Students are awarded this credit after they take a 3000-level French course (taught in French, for at least 3 points) and obtain a grade of B or above in that course.

Are there Ap French?

Advanced Placement French Language and Culture (also known as AP French Language and Culture, AP French Lang, AP French Language or AP French) is a course offered by the College Board to high school students in the United States as an opportunity to earn placement credit for a college-level French course.

What are the 6 themes of AP French?

The course is designed around the 6 themes of the AP exam: Global Challenges, Science and Technology, Contemporary Life, Personal and Public Identities, Families and Communities, and Beauty and Aesthetics.

How many themes are there in AP French?

Students preparing for the AP exam are now required to develop and practice their communicative proficiency using questions related to six major themes: Families and Communities, Global Challenges, Personal and Public Identities, Science and Technology, Contemporary Life and Beauty, and Aesthetics.