What does awe means in French?

What does awe mean in French?

[ˈɔː ] (= fear) respect m mêlé de crainte. (= wonder) respect m mêlé d’admiration.

What does stand in awe means?

Also, stand in awe of. Respect and revere someone or something, experience a feeling of solemn wonder, as in All of us are in awe of his many achievements.

How do you say awe in Spanish?

Reverse translation for awe

  1. abrumar – to overwhelm, to oppress, to burden.
  2. asombrar – to amaze, to astonish.
  3. impresionar – to impress, to strike, to make an impression, to affect, to move.
  4. asombro – amazement, astonishment.

What is the meaning of awe in Arabic?

/ɔ/ a feeling of great respect and sometimes fear. خِشية / رَهْبة

How do you use awe?

having or showing a feeling of mixed reverence and respect and wonder and dread.

  1. All of the neighbours were a little in awe of my mother.
  2. As children we were rather in awe of our grandfather.
  3. While Diana was in awe of her grandfather, she adored her grandmother.
  4. I said, in awe of his work.

What is meant by gut feeling?

an instinctive feeling, as opposed to an opinion based on facts. My gut feeling was that this woman was a good woman.

What is owe in Arabic?

“owe” in Arabic

owing {adj.} AR. دائِن

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