What does Franz feel about the French language?

What did Franz Think about the French language?

He praised French as the most beautiful, the clearest and most logical language in the world. He said that for the enslaved people, their language was the key to their prison.

How did Franz feel about his French language on the last day?

Answer: When M. Hamel mounted on the chair and announced that he was there to teach his last French lesson that day, Franz was shocked and surprised. He felt very guilty for deliberately ignoring to learn his native language and he suddenly developed a strange fascination for his language and his school.

How did France react to the declaration this is your last French lesson?

Hamel declared ‘This is your last French lesson’. These words were a great thunderclap to Franz. He felt guilty for not learning his lessons.

What did Franz regret?

He forgot all about Mr. Hamel’s ruler and hard discipline. Now he thought the books as his old friends whom he could not give up. He regretted and realised his foolishness.

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What were M Hamel’s views about the French language?

ANS : M. Hamel told his students that French was the most beautiful language in the world. It was the clearest and the most logical language. He asked them to guard it and never forget it because when a people are inslaved as long as they hold last to their language it is as if they had the key to this prison.

Why was Franz sorry for not learning his French language?

Answer: Franz was sorry for not learning his French lessons. His books, that had seemed such a bother till a while back, were now precious and he felt he could not give them up. He had disliked his teacher, M.

Why didn’t Franz dare look up?

Answer: Franz was scared of Mr. Hamel’s reaction when he was unable to answer the question. His heart started beating and he dared not look up.

What happened when Franz heard his name called?

What happened when Franz heard his name called? Answer: Franz heard his name called. It was his turn to recite the rules for participles.

Which emotions does Franz experience at the end of the chapter Why?

He immediately felt sorry for not being sincere in the school and for not learning the French language and other lessons properly. His books, which seemed a nuisance and a burden earlier to him, were now his old friends. The school also became very important for him. Hope it helps!

Do you think Franz was upset for not learning?

yes he was really upset because the whole year he had been careless abot studies and suddenly one day he comes to noe that they are no more going to study german. this made him realise how important his language was and made him regret for his actions.

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Who was watcher What did he ask Franz and why How did Franz react?

Wachter was a blacksmith. He was reading the latest bulletin. He asked Franz not to go so fast to his school. He added that the little boy would get to his school in plenty of time.