What does French provincial style look like?

What are French provincial Colours?

The colour palette of a French provincial home is inspired by the landscape. Lean towards warm gold, earthly grass greens, brilliant cobalt blues, and russet reds. Base colours should be creams and whites.

What is the provincial look?

Provence styled furniture combines two features: elegance and functionality. The main focus is alwys on the material of which the furniture is made. The advantage is given to light-toned wood: walnut, chestnut, ash, oak.

What period is French provincial?

French Provincial, sometimes used interchangeably with French Country, refers to a decorating and furnishing style that originated in the provinces of France throughout the 1700s and 1800s.

What is French design style?

French country style is defined as a mix of rustic and refined decor inspired by the homes in the French countryside. It’s a popular style worldwide because of its comfortable and casual elegance that’s never ostentatious. Three distinct characteristics make up the style: Softly patterned fabrics in muted colors.

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