What does it mean to get Frenched?

What does being frenched mean?

The process of cutting food in a specific way to assist with the preparation of the item. When vegetables such as beans, peppers or potatoes are cut into long thin strips, the preparation process refers to the vegetables as being “frenched”.

What is the meaning of French cut?

sliced lengthwise into long, thin strips. Also French-style.

What does the word gueridon mean?

: a small usually ornately carved and embellished stand or table.

What does Gristled mean?

Gristle is a chewy, inedible part of meat. If there’s too much gristle in your steak, you might send it back — or think seriously about becoming a vegetarian. Gristle is an unpleasant surprise in a bite of meat, a fibrous bit you may end up spitting in your napkin.

Who invented kissing?

The Romans were the ones who popularized kissing, spreading the practice to most of Europe and parts of North Africa. “They were devoted ‘kissing’ missionaries,” Bryant said. For them, a kiss wasn’t just a kiss. There was the osculum, which was a kiss of friendship often delivered as a peck on the cheek.

What is French cut meat?

To “french” a bone is a culinary term that means to cut the meat away from the end of a rib or chop so that part of the bone is exposed.

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