What does Mrs Lyons want 50 from Mr Lyons for?

What does Mrs Lyons want?

She wants a baby to fill the void in her life. Her big empty house could be seen as a metaphor for how she feels. Unfortunately, baby Edward cannot make everything in Mrs Lyons’ life better.

Why does Mrs Lyons want one of the twins?

Mrs Lyons’ desperation leads to her manipulating Mrs Johnstone into giving her one of the twins. … When Edward is a teenager and openly spends his time with Mickey and Linda, Mrs Lyons’ mental health deteriorates, leading her to attempt to attack Mrs Johnstone with a knife when she refuses to move away.

Why does Mrs Lyons want to move away?

Her dreams of having a child have been destroyed through her and her husband’s infertility and this leaves her desperate.

How much money does Mrs Lyons give to Mrs Johnstone?

As Mrs Johnstone and Mr and Mrs Lyons are looking at the new baby, Mrs Johnstone wants to pick him up, but Mrs Lyons tells her not to. Having persuaded her husband that they should sack Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Lyons dismisses her, giving her fifty pounds.

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What concerns does Mr Lyons have about Mrs Lyons?

Mr Lyons is concerned about his wife’s mental health.

  • (Act One, p. 21) ‘It’s this depression thing that happens after a woman’s had a…. ‘
  • Mr Lyons assumes that Mrs Lyons’s erratic behaviour is caused by post-natal depression. Ironically this highlights Mrs Lyons’s deception of her husband.

What sort of agreement does Mrs Lyons make with Mrs Johnstone?

Mrs Lyons suggests that the twins will be taken into care if Mrs Johnstone cannot look after them and points out what a good life the child would have with her. Satisfied that Mrs Lyons will let her see the child every day, Mrs Johnstone agrees to the plan. Mrs Lyons makes her swear to the agreement on a Bible.

What excuse does Mrs Lyons make to Mr Lyons about her not wanting Mrs Johnstone to hold the baby?

Lyons tells her husband that she doesn’t want Mrs. Johnstone touching the baby because she might give it a disease.

How does Mrs Lyons persuade Mrs Johnstone to come round to her way of thinking?

How does Mrs persuade Mrs Johnstone to come round to her way of thinking? Convinces Mrs Johnstone the child would be well looked after and will be provided an education. … She is basically telling Mrs J that if she doesn’t get rid of one of the twins, then she will lose all her other children as well.

What superstition does Mrs Lyons makeup?

Lyons has invented her superstition about twins, he is essentially saying that by making it up, she has made it real. The threat of this false superstition is made to seem even more powerful by the contrasting mothers in the play: Mrs. Johnstone and Mrs.

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Is Mrs Lyons an antagonist?

Antagonist: A character who opposes, works against or brings down the protagonist. MRS LYONS • Middle-class married woman who employs Mrs Johnstone as a cleaner.

How does Russell create sympathy for Lyons?

Key characters: Mrs Lyons

Before this section, Russell establishes some sympathy for Mrs Lyons as she reveals that she and her husband hoped to have children but could not. This sympathy is soon undermined as she manipulatively persuades Mrs Johnstone to agree to give up her child.

Why does Mrs Lyons hit Edward?

Mrs Lyons hits her son, Edward, in this section. The stage directions say she hits him ‘instinctively‘ (p. 37), suggesting that this is the result of frustration or anger beyond her control. … Or the result of her desperate desire to make Edward her own ‘beautiful son’ (p.