What does TER mean in French?

What does BIS and TER mean?

bis” = twice; “ter” = thrice.

What does BIS mean in a French address?

“bis” means “encore” and it’s what the concert audience shouts when they want one. In addresses it means a second house/shop etc of the same number as another one. So a second No 12 in a particular street calls itself 12a in English and 12 bis in French (pronounced “douze biss”). Harzer.

What is TER Paris?

TER (Transport Express Régional) trains are comfortable local and regional train services that are found in most parts of France – although in the Greater Paris region they are known as Transilien. … Some TER routes are remarkably long, with travel times extending to four hours or more.

What is a TER number?

The total expense ratio (TER) is a measure of the total costs associated with managing and operating an investment fund, such as a mutual fund. … The total cost of the fund is divided by the fund’s total assets to arrive at a percentage amount, which represents the TER.

What does BIS mean Legal?

means “second”; is used to insert a new article between existing articles; leave as is to keep the legal reference intact.

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What does BIS mean in Spain?

The prefix “bis” is also used when describing relations, in the same way “great” is used in English. “Great-great-grandmother” would be “bisbisabuela” in Spanish.

What is BIS short for?


Acronym Definition
BIS Bureau of Industry and Security
BIS Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (UK)
BIS Best In Show
BIS Bank for International Settlements

Is there a period after Rd?

In American English, we always put a period after an abbreviation; it doesn’t matter whether the abbreviation is the first two letters of the word (as in Dr. for Drive) or the first and last letter (as in Dr. … for Mister) do not get a period.

What does Addy mean in text?

“Address” is the most common definition for ADDY on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. ADDY. Definition: Address.

Does ST stand for Saint?

St. is a written abbreviation for Saint.