What does Vichy mean in French?

What does Vichy France stand for?

Vichy France, officially the French State, was France during the regime of Marshal Philippe Pétain, during World War II, from the German victory in the Battle of France to the Allied liberation in August 1944. … Germany kept two million French soldiers in Germany as forced laborers to enforce its terms.

Where does the term Vichy come from?

Name. Vichy is the French form of the Occitan name of the town, Vichèi, of uncertain etymology.

What is Vichy known for?

Vichy is renowned as one of the largest spas in France. The town, largely modern and with a profusion of hotels, is separated from the river by parks surrounding the two extensive bathing establishments. Known to the Romans as Vicus Calidus, Vichy acquired fame for its alkaline springs in the 17th century.

Why did France choose Vichy?

“The people of Vichy never sought the regime. The regime chose Vichy because it was a summer holiday capital for the rich and famous with lots of hotel rooms and the only international telephone exchange outside Paris. Many Vichy residents suffered terribly under the regime.

What was the difference between Vichy France and Free France?

Explain the difference between Vichy France and Free France. … Vichy France was a puppet government set up by the occupying German forces and Free France was the name for a group of French people that continued to fight the German occupation forces.

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What drink is Vichy?

Olvi Vichy is a traditional Vichy-type mineral water with lots of bubbles. It contains minerals and salt (NaCl). OLVI Vichy has a strong Finnish profile and is an excellent help in maintaining the liquid balance of the body. The beverage has also enjoyed appreciation from international experts.