What happened to the spectator that caused the Tour de France?

What happened to the lady who ruined the Tour de France?

A 30-year-old French woman who caused a wreck during the first stage of the Tour de France is out of hot water legally after race organizers dropped a lawsuit on Thursday. … The woman was taken into custody by authorities and initially charged with fleeing the scene and involuntarily causing injury.

Who was the Spectator that caused the crash?

The crash occurred in the opening stage of the Tour de France, as rider were trekking from Brest to Landerneau, and the fan that caused the crash appeared to not be looking at the course. The fan’s sign hit veteran cyclist Tony Martin, who first fell, causing others to fall as well.

Did they catch woman who caused Tour de France crash?

A cycling fan who caused a huge pileup on the opening day of the Tour de France on Saturday handed herself in to police in Brittany this week, but was to likely avoid prosecution as the Tour organizers decided not to press charges.

Did anyone hurt in the Tour de France crash?

Martin went down hard, sending a chain reaction through the peloton. It wasn’t immediately clear how badly the riders were injured as medical staff tended to the cyclists. Many of the athletes had cuts and bruises but continued riding, albeit with bloody arms and legs.

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