What helmets do Tour de France riders wear?

Do Tour de France riders have to wear helmets?

Tour de France director Jean-Marie Leblanc also called for the rules to be changed to make the sport safer. “The UCI agrees with the resolution adopted by the CPA (riders’ association) direction committee and confirms its willingness to make the wearing of helmets compulsory for professional riders.

What helmet do pro cyclists wear?

Worn by: EF Pro Cycling

Most of the team use the Ventral Air Spin helmet, which incorporates RFID technology, which can be used to store vital health information in the event of an accident. It also incorporates its own rotational shock protection, called SPIN, to help protect its riders in the event of a crash.

What helmet does Chris Froome wear?

He has long ridden Kask helmets and Sidi shoes, and most recently, Castelli kit.

Why does Greg Van Avermaet wear a gold helmet?

Following the tradition of previous champions Samuel Sanchez and Alexandre Vinokourov, Van Avermaet opted to go for gold accents to remind the peloton of his success including the BMC bike he rode in his time at BMC Racing.

Are Met helmets any good?

Like the latest Bell helmets, it feels solid and extremely comfortable on your head and also lightweight enough you almost forget you’re wearing it. Met’s offer has great airflow and cooling too, leaving just the price, and how craning your neck on the steepest descents can unwind the retention wheel, to consider.

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When did pro cycling require helmets?

The helmet rule for professional cyclists was brought by the UCI in 2003 following the death of Andrei Kivlev during the Paris-Nice race.

What helmet does Mark Cavendish use?

The Specialized S-Works Evade Helmet Cavendish uses a Tri-Fix web splitter for added comfort, 4X DryLite webbing is light and soft and Instrap webbing reduces weight and adds protection.

Why do Tour de France riders wear high socks?

The sock rule is part of a UCI crackdown on clothing being used for aerodynamic gains, and came as regulations were extended to ban kit that changes the shape of a rider and forbids non-essential clothing or devices used for purposes other than for protection.