What is a poisson France?

What is a French poisson?

Poisson is a French surname meaning “fish”.

Is poisson a French word?

poisson: fish.

Is the French word poisson masculine or feminine?

Ahh, le poisson. Masculine, with a double S… and the indisputable poster child for lessons on the S and SS sounds!

Why is poisson fish?

The word ‘poisson’ comes from the Latin piscem, meaning fish, while ‘poison’ comes from ‘potion’ which itself originates from potio, also Latin but meaning beverage.

What is the meaning of La viande?

la viande. the meat food; the flesh food.

What is poisson called in English?

[pwasɔ̃ ] masculine noun. fish inv. Je n’aime pas le poisson. I don’t like fish.

What is poisson in Spanish?

↔ fish — vertebrate animal. • poisson. → pescado. ↔ fish — flesh of fish as food. • poisson.

Is Beurre masculine or feminine?

le beurre (bur) noun, masculine

Please jump right in and share your butter/”beurre” terms and expressions here.

Is Poisson plural?

The plural form of Poisson is Poissons.

What is the meaning of Peche?

Pêche is French for “fishing” or “peach”.

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