What is a T1 apartment in France?

What does T1 T2 mean?

T1 and T2 are technical terms applied to different MRI methods used to generate magnetic resonance images. Specifically, T1 and T2 refers to the time taken between magnetic pulses and the image is taken. These different methods are used to detect different structures or chemicals in the central nervous system.

What is a T4 apartment in France?

The F4 / T4: The F4/T4 is made of four main rooms with a separate kitchen or with an open-plan kitchen and with a separate bathroom/shower room. The F5 / T5: The F5/T5 is made of five main rooms with a separate kitchen or with an open-plan kitchen and with a separate bathroom/shower room.

What does T4 mean in French property?

It refers to the number of rooms in the house/flat, excluding the kitchen, bathroom, toilets, etc.. T3 = three rooms (ie two bedrooms + living room), T4 = four rooms (ie three bedrooms + living room).

What does T1 T2 T3 mean in apartment?

T1, T2, T3, etc: T is used for Type, and corresponds to a type of apartment with the number of main rooms indicated. By main room, one means living room, dining room, and bedrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms are not included in the number. Therefore, an apartment with a living room and two bedrooms is a T3.

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What is the difference between T1 and T2 lesions?

A T1 MRI image supplies information about current disease activity by highlighting areas of active inflammation. A T2 MRI image provides information about disease burden or lesion load (the total amount of lesion area, both old and new).

What does T2 mean in French real estate?

T2: 2 rooms + kitchen + WC/shower/bath. T3: 3 rooms + kitchen + WC/shower/bath. The number represents the number of main rooms – this includes sitting rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, but kitchens and bathrooms are separate.

What does T2 mean in real estate?

The apartments are classified in types T0, T1, T2, etc., that define the number of separate bedrooms. So a T0 means a studio apartment (no separate bedrooms, with bedroom and sitting room combined in the same single room), while a T2 means an apartment with two separate bedrooms (plus a living room).

Do the French call apartments flats?

And although in actuality there is no difference between an apartment building and a ‘French Flat,’ it became a distinctive term to, in part, address this quandary. … The term “French Flat” generally referred to multiple-family dwellings for the middle- and upper-middle class and helped to distinguish it from a tenement.

How do you count rooms in France?

According to the law, a room is considered habitable when it is more than 9 m² and 20 m2. A room of more than 30m ² will count for 2 rooms. For large living areas, more than 80 m², you can count 3 rooms.