What is C Short for in French?

What are French abbreviations?

Bcp = beaucoup = very much. Bjr = bonjour = hi. Bsr = bonsoir = have a good night, hi (in the evening) Cad = c’est à dire = it means. Cdlt = cordialement = yours truly (at the end of a French letter)

How do you say LMAO in French?

Translation of “L.M.A.O” in French

Je suis M.D.R. maintenant.

What is Nom France?

Nom – this means your family name/ surname and it almost always comes first in France. On formal letters you will often be addressed with your family name first, usually in capitals. Often when you are asked to put your nom and prénom on a form, you put your family name first followed by your surname.

What is WESH French?

Wesh, or wech, is a slang greeting, used by most young people in an ironic way. It comes from the banlieues (suburbs) of Paris and originally came from rappers, who used the term to greet their ‘crew’.

What subject is CA in French?

“Ça” (a contraction of cela) is frequently used as the neutral or impersonal subject pronoun before other verbs, and in this respect it usually corresponds to “it” – but also to that.

Is C est a verb?

C’est is ce (C’) combined with est (“is” form of the verb être.) It translates to it is, this is, and that is.

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Do French use LOL?

10. Mdr. As a French translation of the English “lol” and used in exactly the same way, mdr or mort de rire means to be dying of laughter.

Does FR mean father?

Fr. is a written abbreviation for Father when it is used in titles before the name of a Catholic priest.

What does ABSL mean in text?


Acronym Definition
ABSL Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language
ABSL Animal Biosafety Levels
ABSL Amundsen-Bellingshausen Seas Low (climatology)
ABSL Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (UK scouting)

What does XD mean?

1. an expression used in text messages or e-mails signaling happiness or laughter. XD is an emoticon. X represents closed eyes while D stands for an open mouth.

How do you say Laugh online in French?

How People Laugh Online in French. In French people just tend to write “hahah” to laugh online. This isn’t so much an equivalent for “haha” but slang for “mort de rire“, literally “died of laughter”. I guess you could say this is the equivalent of “LOL” in English.