What is code ape in France?

What is a French APE code?

When you register a company in France, the Insee (The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) will give you an APE code, sometimes also called the NAF code. This code only serves to identify which sector your activity is in. This allows the Insee to be able to easily craft statistics, for example.

What is an NAF number?

NAF stands for Número de Afiliación de Seguridad Social, it is the number that identifies you if you are paying into the social security system. You need it to apply for benefits, to register for public healthcare e.g.

What is APE or NAF Code?

Every business in France is classified under an activity code entitled APE – Activite Principale de l’Entreprise – or NAF code. When registering your company, you will need to indicate which is your main activity using an APE code.

What is RCS number in France?

RCS stands for Registre du Commerce et des Societes, i.e. registration via the Chambre du Commerce et de l’Industrie. For crafts and manual activities (artisans) registering with Chambre de Metiers, your SIRET number will look like this – RC NANTES 234 987 456.

What does the French word siren mean?

sirène → siren, mermaid, vixen, alarm.

What is kbis in France?

In France a certificate of incorporation is called “extrait Kbis“. It is an official document issued by the Registrar Office of the Commercial Court (Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce). This document confirms the legal existence of your company and its registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

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What is RCS Paris?

The RCS is known as “Registre du commerce et des sociétés” or “RCS” in French, and the aim of such organism is to centralise all the legal information of the companies operating in France in a single registry and to communicate their existence to the public.