What is France’s highland area called?

What part of Europe would you find the Mistral?

It is one the west coast of Europe and provides the moisture or rain to the majority of Europe. In what part of Europe would you find the mistral? How is peat used? Used in Ireland.

What are fjords quizlet?

fjord. a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs.

What is a steep U shaped valley that connects to the sea and that filled with seawater after the glaciers melted?

What are fjords? steep U shaped valleys that connect to the sea and that filled with seawater after the glaciers melted.

Which geographic feature may be contained in uplands?

Mountains and uplands differ from each other in their elevation. Uplands are hills or very low mountains that may also contain mesas and high plateaus. Some uplands of Europe are eroded remains of ancient mountain ranges.

What is Le Mistral in France?

The Rhône Valley makes itself known, blowing wind from the north over the northwest coast of the Gulf of Lion. … This is the mistral of southern France, the infamous wind of Provence. One of Many. As a region of rolling hills and valleys, Provence is always windy.

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Are fjords found in France?

The Fjords of Provence

There’s nothing better than a stroll through town followed by a bowl of fish soup or some moules-frites at one of the many restaurants that line the docks. … And to the west are the beautiful and rugged calanques, the so-called mini fjords of France.

What is the importance of Seaworks?

Seaworks: Structures used to control the sea’s destructive impact on human life.

What is a V shaped valley?

BSL Geography Glossary – V-shaped Valley – definition

A V-valley is formed by erosion from a river or stream over time. It is called a V-valley as the shape of the valley is the same as the letter “V”.

Whats a truncated spur?

Definition: Truncated spurs are landforms that occur in glaciated areas. When a valley fills with a glacier, any land which is in the way of the moving glacier will be eroded away. Truncated spurs have steep sides which show this erosion. This erosion can also be caused by moving water. Truncated Spurs.