What is France’s most popular social media?

What social media do people use in France?

Most popular social networks used in the France are:

  • Viadeo.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Pinterest.
  • MySpace.
  • Google+

Do French use Facebook?

Facebook. Facebook is the fourth most popular website in France, behind Google.com. More than 33 million French people use Facebook, ranking France third in Europe in terms of Facebook users (just behind the UK and Turkey), and ninth in the world.

Are French good at social media?

France has the fourth largest number of internet users in Europe, and social media penetration is relatively high at 58%. The French social media landscape is similar to the US and UK – the most popular platforms are YouTube and Facebook at 69% and 65%, while Instagram is popular with younger female audiences.

Do people in France use social media?

Social media platforms and users

In 2020, more than 36 million people in France were registered on a social network, with around 70 percent accessing them on a daily basis. … During the third quarter of 2020, the leading social media site in France was YouTube, with Facebook coming in second place.

What is social media in French?

French Translation. des médias sociaux.

How many social media users are there in France?

In 2022, the number of monthly active social network users is projected to reach 37.70 million individuals.

Forecast of social network user numbers in France from 2017 to 2025 (in million users)

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Characteristic Number of social network users in millions

What do French people do on the Internet?

The report showed that 75% of the population goes online everyday, compared to the 68% who said the same two years ago. Over two thirds (67%) say they use the Internet for administrative tasks, and 61% use it for online shopping.