What is French word for elementary school?

What does elementary French mean?

1. (= basic) élémentaire. 2. [ school, education] primaire.

What are the grade levels called in France?

After nursery school or kindergarten (école maternelle), which is optional, the French compulsory education system has three stages or cycles: primary school (école) middle school (collège) high school (lycée)

Middle school (collège)

  • 6ème – 11 to 12 years.
  • 5ème – 12 to 13 years.
  • 4ème – 13 to 14 years.
  • 3ème – 14 to 15 years.

What’s another word for grade school?

grade school

  • grammar school.
  • preparatory school.
  • primary school.
  • folk school.
  • graded school.

What is B1 French?

Level B1, which is sometimes referred to as ‘Threshold‘ or ‘Breakthrough’ stage, is the point at which a French speaker moves away from the most simplistic language usage and is able to cope with most of the situations they are likely to encounter when travelling around a French-speaking country.

What level of French is GCSE?

GCSE French has a Foundation Tier (grades 1–5) and a Higher Tier (grades 4–9). Students must take all four question papers at the same tier. All question papers must be taken in the same series.

How do you say middle school in France?

middle school

  1. [head teacher] du collège.
  2. [library, cafeteria] du collège.
  3. [mathematics] des collèges.
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What is 5th grade in France?

Equivalent classes

Age French North American
9-10 CM1 – Cours Moyen 1 Grade 4
10-11 CM2 – Cours Moyen 2 Grade 5
11-12 Collège Sixième Junior High Grade 6
12-13 Cinquième Grade 7