What is Panda in French?

Is Panda masculine or feminine in French?

panda {masculine}

I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species. Nous allons fêter Ia naissance d’un panda.

What is red panda in French?

red panda {noun} FR. panda roux.

What is Dudu in French?

[dudu] (informal) masculine noun. 1. (= morceau de tissu) comfort blanket.

What is koala French?

noun. [ masculine ] /koala/ (animal) petit animal grimpeur d’Australie.

What is panda in Latin?

Latin Translation. gigas Pandam.

What is panda in Tagalog?

More Filipino words for panda. panda noun. panda. puwa noun.

How do you spell Lion in French?

lion → lion, lionne.

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