What is the book in French?

What is called book in French?

book: … livre; bouquin; volume; livre de poche; petit livre.

What is I read a book in French?

Je lis un livre = I read a book.

How do you say give me the book in French?

English Sentence: Please give me the book. French Translation: Donnez-moi le livre, s’il vous plaît.

How do you say exercise book in French?

“exercise book” in French

  1. cahier.
  2. farde.

What is the English meaning of livre?

livre in British English

(ˈliːvrə , French livrə) noun. a former French unit of money of account, equal to 1 pound of silver.

How do you say I read a story book in French?

Translation of “I read novels” in French

Quelle coïncidence !

How do you say I want my book in French?

I want my book. Je veux mon argent et mon registre.

What is the meaning of je vais in English?

Translation of “Je vais” in English. Adverb Other. I will. you’ll I’ll I’m gonna I’m going let me I am going I go I shall I can.

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