What is the child obesity rate in France?

Why does France have a low obesity rate?

The French authorities maintain that the lower prevalence of childhood obesity is to due to the French National Nutrition and Health Programme, which has been operat- ing throughout France since 2001. … France was one of the first countries in the world to implement national actions to reduce childhood obesity.

Why is there no obesity in France?

In a French diet, the focus is more in the quality of ingredients and not the quantity. Moreover, it has been seen that in France people take out more time to savour their meals. Studies have indicated that eating fast may lead to eating more.

What is France doing about obesity?

To tackle the obesity epidemic, France has put in place a number of policies, including voluntary front-of-pack food labelling and advertising restrictions, and taxes on sugary drinks.

Which European country has the lowest obesity rate?

In 2019, for the population aged 18 years and over, the lowest proportions of women considered to be obese were observed in Italy (10.7 %), Romania (10.8 %), Bulgaria (11.9 %) and Cyprus (14.1 %).

Which country has the lowest childhood obesity rate?

Did you know? More than one in two adults and nearly one in six children are overweight or obese in OECD countries. Adult obesity rates are highest in the United States, Mexico, New Zealand and Hungary, while they are lowest in Japan and Korea.

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